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Danielle (Danni) Domanowski

Reiki Practitioner

About Danni

Danielle Domanowski is a certified Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Guide, Tibetan Sound Bowl Healer, and Herbal Enthusiast. She uses a wide array of healing modalities to encourage deep soul healing for her clients. Danni received her BS in Business Administration from University of Buffalo.

Danielle began her energy healing journey back in 2015 when she started working closely with her grandmother who was once an established and respected Social Worker. During her final years, she trained Danni on the methods of connecting with Source energy and allowing the Universe to use her body as a conduit for pure healing light to come through. Once she learned this was a possibility, she knew it was going to become her purpose and passion one day.

After becoming a certified Reiki Practitioner in 2017, Danielle then started her journey learning about the healing power of plants. She has taken many online courses and attended local herbal groups to meet and learn from experienced Herbalists in the WNY area. She currently makes herbal tea along with infused honey, oils, vinegars, salts, and more. You will find her products in Tupelo Honey along with other local boutique shops and artisan markets.

Along with private Reiki sessions, Danielle loves to perform Reiki Healing Meditation Groups on Tuesday evenings along with other meditation-themed events in the area. Check out her website to learn more!

Services Offered: Reiki